As the founder of MATUVU fashion agency/academy, fashion business for me is much more than clothing, nice brands, runways or fashion seasons. As the world of Retail, buying & selling in fashion is totally changing, we at MATUVU help and train the fashionpreneurs & starters to be prepared for this change and innovations in the future. Our vision is to create innovators and leaders in the fashion industry. This way we have to take care of  the leaders of tomorrow, and these are the students today.

In fashion industry often the leaders are men. We at MATUVU love to empower young women and girls to change this. By supporting these young women, they can make a change. For this, education is the key and that’s why we introduce the MATUVU SUMMER SCHOOL.

During the MATUVU SUMMER SCHOOL from 6 – 10th of August 2018, we offer a select group of young (women) students between 18-23 years old the opportunity to learn from experts on the field at the MATUVU HQ in Antwerp.

Why you have to join our SUMMER SCHOOL:

  1. PASSION : we at MATUVU are fully passionated about our industry. Fashion has to be your biggest passion and we do not speak about ‘love to shop’. Your passion goes further!
  2. NETWORK : at school you learn a lot of theory and you’ll be prepared to start a career. What you don’t learn is to build your network. You can start building your network during the summer school and this will open doors for the future.
  3. EXPERT : each day you’ll be trained by the founder of MATUVU, Ils and other guest experts who are going to tell you all about the different topics we offer during the summer school; fashion marketing, social media branding, influencer marketing, styling, start in fashion & communication.
  4. BOSSLADY : the students who attend the summer school are ready to become real bossladies. They focus on the entrepreneurship and wann start in future their own business.
  5. ANTWERP : the summer school will take place in the most famous fashion city of Belgium, Antwerp, at the MATUVU HQ. Surrounded by fashion and brands you can develop your skills on the field.

You wanna join our summer school 2018? Subscribe here! (limited seats)

When : 6-10th of August, each day from 7PM – 10PM

Where : MATUVU HQ – Samberstraat 9 – 2060 Antwerpen

Price : €499 / student (incl. healthy drinks & bites, manuals & worksheets, bosslady bag)

On the last day of your summer school, we end at 11PM with a summer school party & graduation.




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