We often hear our clients, retailers in fashion, saying; “we sell less because of the Internet and the online stores”. This is not so strange if you are running your business the traditional, ‘old’ way. Today online stores offer the same things as a traditional fashion store; they merchandise products, they give you all the product & brand information, they are offering great services and fast deliveries. Why would clients shop in your offline store?

As a fashion retailer we have a big advantage. A lot of shoppers & fashionistas love to touch, try on, and see the clothes or shoes before they buy them. The offline store will never disappear but the buying horizon is changing. A very important word in this change is…EXPERIENCE (not just offering clothes or shoes).

Customers today want to discover, to explore, to have a feeling, to share fun stuff and to be excited. The offline fashion store becomes a fashion STORY. Is your store ready to become a stor(e)y?

At MATUVU we offer some interesting coaching trainings in your store to develop a strategy. We show you how to implement directly the experience and the online-offline connection. Wanna know more, check this.

Or if you wanna know more about it? Buy today our exclusive e-manual online “How to turn your fashionstore in a fashion story?” for only €49,- & read our new online business manual for fashion retailers (in ENG – DUTCH & FRENCH).

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