Yes it is! Skirts are back in business and they have never been so hot! You may find it’s still too cold for wearing skirts already, but that’s not true. We’ll give you three ways to wear your skirt during these early Spring days!

1. Leather skirt

A leather skirt is a little thicker than others which makes it also a little warmer. Wear the skirt with panties and sneakers or without panties and overknee boots. For the daredevils: Try it with pumps and bare legs! Put on a sweater or blouse and a long coat. Super sexy AND also wearable to the office.

2. Velvet skirt

Velvet skirts are soft, comfortable and warm. Mixed with white sneakers or combat boots, however you wear it, it’s always a good idea. And you know what’s really fabulous? Combine it with a turtleneck. Warm and comfy during the early Springmornings!

3. Pencil skirt

If we can believe the latest trend, which we obviously do, pencil skirts are super hot again. Certainly when you combine them with some Fifties-style shoes or sweaters. A perk of these skirts: whether you like them long or short, they are always sexy. You can even find them knitted, which makes it extra warm!

Now, go buy that pretty skirt you saw en wear it during these boring days. By the way: All these skirts are also wearable in summer, without panties, mixed with a blouse or statement shirt!

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